Essie: Find Me An Oasis

Unless I have a special occasion to attend, the process of choosing a nail polish for me is nonexistent.  I don't strategically choose a color, I go with however I'm feeling at the moment or I go with a color that is completely opposite of what is on trend at the on the edge, I know.

I was at Target not shopping for nail polish when I saw this color and I had to have it (let's be clear, I definitely don't need it).  Find Me An Oasis is as Essie puts it a "refreshing ice blue" and because I love the look of white polishes, this instantly drew my attention.  While this polish isn't white, the pale white washed almost white blue brings a flare of interest to my nails and I love how it looks against my tanned skin.  I used Seche Vite base and top coat and it took three coats of polish to get it as opaque...that may have something to do with my application

This is a color that I would use all year round but as obsessed as I am, it may not make it past this summer.